The ERAdiate project is expected to have the following impacts:

Impacts on Research and Innovation

  • unlock and stimulate UNIZA’s research potential in ITS;
  • increase awareness about UNIZA’s ITS research activities in the European Research Area;
  • more effective management of research and innovation at UNIZA;
  • enhanced international competitiveness of UNIZA by means of transnational co-operation;
  • increased participation of UNIZA in European research and development programmes;
  • more intensive national and international cooperation with stakeholders, especially innovative business partners, research institutions and professional associations.

Institutional and Structural Changes

  • strategy for sustainable development of ITS human resources and research infrastructures at UNIZA;
  • integration of ERA priorities into UNIZA processes, including open recruitment, gender balance, peer review, and doctoral training.

Impacts on Regional Development

  • stronger interaction with regional and national authorities in designing and implementing research and innovation strategies and policies for the SMART specialization;
  • direct contribution to regional and national development plans;
  • effective contribution to the regional economic and social development.

The results of the ERAdiate project will be exploited not only within UNIZA but also by other regional stakeholders.

The execution of the ERAdiate project will enhance UNIZA and the Zilina region performance in research, innovation as well as education for the benefits of enlarged European Union.