For the first time, the ERAdiate team used the opportunity to participate in the 13th Slovak edition of the European Researchers’ Night event. The event, so called “Festival of Science – European Researchers’ Night”, is a yearly organized event throughout Europe. The main goal of the Researchers´ Night is to present interesting outputs of researchers and scientists to the public. People have a chance to see the latest technologies and if it is possible, they can try out or test them. The Researchers´ Night is the largest scientific event of its kind in Slovakia as well as Europe, bringing together scientists, researchers and people in 300 cities in 24 countries on the last Friday of September.

In Slovakia, the event took place in 5 cities. It was organized by a consortium: SOVVA (the Slovak Organisation for Research and Development Activities), SAV (the Slovak Academy of Sciences,) and CVTI (Slovak National Centre of Scientific and Technical Information) with participation of mainly Slovak research institutions and universities. Our team members presented the ERAdiate project in Bratislava and Žilina with the main focus on the presentation of ERAdiate research topics and projects the team is involved in.

Our colleagues also presented the newest upcoming data collection campaign (starting in March 2019) related to the personalised Value of Time within MoTiV project. People had the opportunity to enrol in this data collection and share their contact information, so that we can invite them to participate when the campaign starts.

More information about the event

Videos from the event in Žilina

Videos from the event in Bratislava