The Exploitation Panel is the second advisory body consisting of representatives of important stakeholders and decision-makers from the Žilina region including regional and national authorities, industrial partners, research institutions and professional associations.

Activities of the Exploitation Panel focus on dissemination and possible participation in research and innovation projects, to create spill-over effects within and outside UNIZA.

The Exploitation Panel is composed of:

  • Tatiana Kováčiková, ERA Chair Holder – Chair
  • Miriam Skacelova, Žilina self-governing region, Slovakia
  • Tomáš Mésároš, Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic
  • Branislav Zacharides, TRITIA Inter-Regional Association, Slovakia
  • Rastislav Babica, ITS Director, Betamont, Slovakia
  • Christian Chimani, Head of mobility department, Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Jarsoslav Holecko, President of Association of Automotive Industry, Slovakia
  • Martin Russ, Managing Director of Austria Tech GmbH, Head of ITS Austria
  • Roman Srp, ITS&S, Head of ITS associations, Czech Republic