The 9th Young Researchers Seminar was held in Thessaloniki on 5-7 June and it was organized by ECTRI in cooperation with FEHRL and FERSI. This three-day seminar offered a great opportunity to gather and interact to young transport researchers. The main objective of the seminar was to improve the presentation skills in written and oral scientific communication of young researchers. For this purpose, each young researcher was mentored by senior researcher who is acting in a truly international scientific culture.

ERAdiate team member, Dr. Martin Hudák, contributed to this event with the paper entitled “Smartphone-based travel surveys as a tool for data collection for policy makers”, in research domain Transport economics, policy and transport behaviour. In his presentation, he focused on description of Woorti app, which was developed within MoTiV project and was released in May 2019. This app allows collecting data about travellers’ behaviour, preferences and activities and the results should help improve transport services in the future.

Another ERAdiate team member, prof. Tatiana Kováčiková, participated in the event in the role of a tutor and shared her knowledge with young researchers and other tutors.

This event was highly appreciated by all participants, including researchers, tutors and members of steering committee mainly thanks to the interesting presentations, valuable feedback and networking activities. Moreover, several cross-cutting sessions were also organized in which the researchers cooperated in teams and could strengthen their relationships.

More info on the seminar can be found here.