Eradiate presents at the International workshop

“Optimization problems in transportation and logistics systems and decisions support tools in intelligent transport systems” The workshop was organized by the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of the Czech Technical University in Prague. The presentation with the title “Critical behavior in charging electric vehicles” addressed the design of congestion control algorithms for charging electric vehicles. Continue reading

ERAdiate gets networked to POLIS

In the course of the POLIS annual conference, ERAdiate gets part of the POLIS network, one of the most important umbrella organisations for urban mobility within Europe. ERAdiate is invited to contribute to the traffic safety working group which is tackling traffic safety indicators.

Proposal for the OPTIMEL project submitted to the Slovak Research and development agency

Among the  most  promising options how to steer the development towards cleaner and more efficient solutions are higher integration of renewable energy together with the electric road mobility. To make these changes feasible within the next decades will require addressing many technological, but also social and economic challenges. The project aims at facilitating the transition... Continue reading

New research paper entitled “Effects of demand estimates on the evaluation and optimality of service centre locations”

Published in the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. Here, we use the OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to model the demand points (DPs), which approximate the geographical location of customers, and the road network, which is used to access or distribute services. We consider all inhabitants as customers, and therefore to estimate the demand, we use... Continue reading