ERAdiate and UNIZA researchers visited Transportation Research Institute of Technion University in Haifa

On 13-15 May 2019, ERAdiate and UNIZA researchers Assoc. Prof. Ľuboš Buzna, Assoc. Prof. Peter Počta and Dr. Tibor Petrov visited Transportation Research Institute of the Technion University in Haifa. This visit was the first meeting of the joint research project SENECA with the project partners Prof. Tomer Toledo, Dr. Ayelet Galtzur and Ilya Finkelberg. Visitors could learn about the... Continue reading

SUMI – new project offering technical assistance to EU urban areas to pilot WBCSD’s SMP2.0 Sustainable mobility Indicators

A two-year project Technical Support related to Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators (SUMI) was approved by European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport with the aim to technically support urban areas in sustainable mobility development. After the preparatory phase and official involvement of two Slovak cities in the project, the implementation of SUMI successfully started in... Continue reading

MoTiV project launched the Woorti app and started the data collection campaign across Europe

Would you like to know how much time you spend for commuting and travelling? The project MoTiV (Mobility and Time Value), coordinated by the ERAdiate team at the University of Žilina (UNIZA), entered its second phase and successfully launched the data collection campaign across 10 European countries in May 2019 (the list with participating countries... Continue reading

Brainport Eindhoven hosted the 13th ITS European Congress on “Fulfilling ITS Promises”

ITS European Congress is traditionally the largest European event dedicated to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Organized by ERTICO – ITS Europe, this year´s event took place on 3-6 June 2019 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  One of the city´s most famous landmarks – retro–futuristic Evoluon Congress Center hosted four days of parallel sessions devoted to seven... Continue reading

Growing attention to the ethical and legal aspects of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are attracting the interest of a growing number of researchers and practitioners, involved in addressing their broader implications on society. Within this context, Federico Costantini from the University of Udine organised on 6 March 2019 the International Workshop “Automated and Autonomous Vehicles: Technological Tests, Policy Challenges, Ethical and Legal Concerns”. The event was... Continue reading

Transport in transition with 3D (Decarbonisation, Digitalisation and Diversification) underlying trends

ITAPA 2019 International Congress, the largest event in Slovakia aimed at digitising public administration in Slovakia, was held in Bratislava on 28 May 2019. Smart cities, Smart Mobility, eGovernment, Cybersecurity and Digital transformation were the main topics discussed at the ITAPA 2019 spring edition. Per invitation of the Office of Deputy Prime Minister for Investments... Continue reading

ERAdiate team members talking about future transport and mobility on the Talk Show “Experiment”

The Slovak Radio and Television (RTVS) broadcasted on 2 May 2019 an episode of its science-oriented talk show Experiment dedicated to the topics of future transport, cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM). The guests of the show – ERA Chair holder of the ERAdiate project prof. Tatiana Kováčiková and ERAdiate team member Dr. Tibor Petrov... Continue reading