The University of Zilina (UNIZA), a hotspot in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) research, was awarded a prestigious ERA Chair grant by the European Commission, under the 7th Framework programme, for the implementation of the ERAdiate project launched in 2014. ERAdiate is the first EC-funded project to establish an ERA Chair for ITS.
Dr. Karl Ernst Ambrosch, the ERA Chair holder, and his team of researchers are building up a unique research and innovation hub located in the Zilina region and oriented on global societal and environmental challenges connected to the solving of mobility issues with the use of ITS.



ERAdiate is developing significant ITS topics with international recognition and creates a recognized footprint.



Fostering the research potential and promoting excellence of the University of Zilina in the field of ITS, but also at making an impact on ITS in Europe.


Research and Innovation fields

The project will foster excellence in the following R&I fields:
– Co-operative ITS
– Decarbonisation of Mobility
– Urban Mobility / Smart City
– Intermodal ITS