Department of International Research Projects - ERAdiate+

Research fields

ERAdiate+ fosters excellence in the following fields:

Urban Mobility

Sustainable urban mobility transitions Inclusive. sustainable and resilient cities Integrated public transport Active mobility and micromobility Shared mobility Emerging mobility services Mobility as a Service – planning&platform design Spatial planning Sustainable mobility appraisal Urban innovation processes.

Intelligent Transport Systems

V2V, V2I, V2X communication Connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM) Digital infrastructure Connectivity performance evaluation Use case requirements Modelling and simulation


Charging services Charging behaviour Data analysis – quantitative and qualitative, Predictions

User behaviour

Travel behaviour modelling Travel time use Travel experience Technology acceptance modelling (TAM) Gender analysis in transport Transportation equity evaluation Adoption of marketing techniques and Living Lab (LL) for participatory transport and mobility planning


Energy supply Energy demand management Energy markets and economics Energy forecasting Energy communities


The Department of International Research Projects (ERAdiate+) is aiming at generating tangible contributions to the rapid transformation of transportation towards environmentally sustainable, human-centric, and resilient mobility systems in Europe. We promote and deliver intelligent solutions, innovative approaches, and science-based knowledge ranging from planning to operation, applying a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods and demonstrations in the real world.


Building on the successfully finished FP7 ERA Chair project ERAdiate - Enhancing Research and innovAtion dimension of the University of Zilina (UNIZA) in intelligent transport systems, the ERAdiate+ team’s vision is to continue growing as the go-to place for advice, expertise and partnering in European and international Research & Innovation projects contributing to its mission. The mission and vision will be achieved by bringing together expertise from various disciplines and research fields across the University of Zilina (UNIZA) faculties with international partners, creating opportunities and synergies for increased impact of European Research and Innovation (R&I) projects, and thereby raising UNIZA’s international profile and competitiveness.


Enhancing the international competitiveness in relevant research and innovation areas in accordance with the UNIZA Long-term Strategy.

Unlock and strengthen UNIZA research potential in ITS

Promote ITS excellence of UNIZA and the Žilina convergence region

Increase international competitiveness of UNIZA

Intensify national and international cooperation with stakeholders

Contribute to economic growth and employment in line with regional innovation strategies


Martina Cliton

Martina Cliton


Mrs. John Anderson

Mrs. John Anderson


Testimonial 3

Testimonial 3


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