Presentations at meetings/events

Total: 64 (2019 - 2, 2018 - 25, 2017 - 25, 2016 - 4, 2015-9)


ERAdiate contribution to research and innovation in ITS in Europe: the case of the MoTiV project

Giuseppe Lugano

13 June/ 17th European Transport Congress (ETC 2019), Bratislava

Intelligent Transport Systems: Current and future Research and Innovations trends

Tatiana Kováčiková

28 May 2019 / ITAPA 2019, Bratislava

Tour de ERA

Tatiana Kováčiková


28 April 2019 / Tour de ERA, Bratislava

Inteligentné dopravné systémy: kam smeruje veda, výskum a inovácie?

Tatiana Kováčiková

26 April 2019/ IXPO 2019, Bratislava

COST European Cooperation in Science and Technology

Tatiana Kováčiková

26 March / Tour de ERA, Zilina

Inteligentná doprava v Európskom výskumnom priestore

Tatiana Kováčiková

26 March / Tour de ERA, Zilina

ERAdiate project on ITS at the University of Žilina Background, Objectives and Achievements

Lugano Giuseppe / University of Zilina - presentation for INTRAS project participants from Uzbekistan, April 4 2019

Tour de ERA

Lugano, G. (2019). H2020 MoTiV success story at UNIZA. Tour de ERA, Zilina, 26 March 2019

Towards an Algorithmic Social Contract?

6 March 2019 / International Workshop “Automated & Autonomous Vehicles: Technological Tests, Policy Challenges, Ethical and Legal Concerns”, Udine

Lugano, G. & Čížková, T. (2019). Towards an Algorithmic Social Contract? Ongoing AV tests and the call for action to address their ethical and social aspects


Open Science in Transport 15.06 MB 64 downloads

14 February 2019/Kick off Meeting, Tatiana Kováčiková (co-author) ...

The Added Value of COST for a Successful Research Journey - My Personal Experience

7 February 2019 / COST Info Day 2019, Bratislava


Giuseppe Lugano

Increasing research excellence in Intelligent Transport Systems across Europe 

12 December 2018 / ECTRI 15th anniversary event, Brussels

Tatiana Kovacikova

80th Anniversary of the CVTI

28 November 2018/80th Anniversary of the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technological Information (CVTI), Bratislava

Tatiana Kováčiková

Project ERA Chair - ERAdiate at University of Žilina

22 November 2018/ V4 Expert Meeting on Smart Mobility in Bratislava

Tatiana Kovacikova

Projekt ERA Chair - ERAdiate na Žilinskej univerzite

29 November 2018/ Annual conference of the Association of Transport Telematics (SDT) Czech&Slovak republic, Boretice, Czech republic

Tatiana Kovacikova

Exploring Women Travel Behaviour in the Region of Žilina from Large Scale Mobility Survey

17-19. 10. 2018 / RelStat 2018, Riga

Martin Hudák

Valuing Mobility - the MoTiV Project

25. - 26. September 2018 // ITF Roundtable on "Zero Value of Time", Paris, France

Giuseppe Lugano

Using smartphones for something more than tracking only

17. 9. 2018 / 25th world congress, Copenhagen

Martin Hudák & Marián Gogola

Big data paving the way for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

26. 9. 2018 / Žilina Holiday inn

Tatiana Kováčiková

Role of emerging technologies and mobility trends in the future of smart&sustainable cities

26. 9. 2018 / Žilina Holiday inn

Ghadir Pourhashem

Automotive, power and technologies – driving engine of the region

18. 9. 2018 / Žilina, Event House, organised by Forbes Business Leaders Club

Tatiana Kováčiková

Big data in the transport sector: needs for standardization

ESOF 2018
9. - 14. July 2018 / Toulouse, France

Tatiana Kováčiková

Impact of connectivity and digital infrastructure on value of travel time

WIRE 2018
4. - 6. July 2018 / Innsbruck - Tyrol, Austria

Tatiana Kováčiková

Modeling the Quality of User-perceived Travel Experience

1st International Conference Applied Computer Technologies (ACT 2018)
21. - 23. June 2018 / Ohrid, Macedonia

Aleksandar Karadimce, Yannick Cornet, Giuseppe Lugano

Start your career in research

Start your Career - event by SAIA Žilina
12 June 2018 / Žilina, Slovakia

Yannick Cornet

Path Of Career

Start your Career - event by SAIA Žilina
12 June 2018 / Žilina, Slovakia

Ladislav Janoušek

Beyond Travel Time Savings: Conceptualizing and Modeling the Individual Value Proposition of Mobility

4th Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility - CSUM2018
24-25 May 2018 / Skiathos Island, Greece

Martin Hudák

How to write a RIA proposal from the coordinator´s perspective - Transport domain

CVTI H2020 Secure Societies Workshop 
5 June 2018 / Bratislava, Slovakia

Giuseppe Lugano

JPI Urban Europe meeting

Dilemmas and Potentials of Urban Transitions towards Sustainable Urban Futures

24-25 April 2018 / Bucharest, Romania

COST Connect

How to Shape a Sustainable Urban Mobility for all?
25-26 April 2018 / Bucharest, Romania

ERAdiate poster

Ghadir Pourhashem

ERAchair Žilina

Workshop Intelligent City Concept – Smart City in Třinec 
22-23 March 2018 / Třinec, Czech Republic

Marián Gogola

Introduction - the ERAdiate project

14 March 2018 / Žilina

Ghadir Pourhashem

Reasonable Travel Time, The Traveller´s Perspective

ERAdiate Lecture Series – Current Trends and Future Perspectives on Sustainable and Smart Mobility
14 March 2018 / Žilina, Slovakia

Yannick Cornet

Outlook on Value of Travel Time: Futures Study and Related Hypotheses

ERAdiate Lecture Series – Current Trends and Future Perspectives on Sustainable and Smart Mobility
14 March 2018 / Žilina, Slovakia

Giuseppe Lugano

How to prepare a successful H2020 proposal

FLOW and TRACE final conference “Decongesting Europe: New approaches to freeing our cities”  
13-14 March 2018 / Brussels, Belgium

Martin Hudák

ERAChair project ERAdiate, Activities and achievements

TransPrem – Pre-meeting of the H2020 Programme Committee on Smart, Green and Integrated Transport
22 January 2018 / Brussels, Belgium

Tatiana Kováčiková

International Workshop AI Love You
8 December 2017 / Potsdam, Germany

Meeting with Jaguar Land Rover

6 December 2017, Žilina / Tatiana Kováčiková

Social robots, Autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things. Cyber-security and data privacy aspects / / Giuseppe Lugano, Peter Holečko, Martin Hudák

INTSYS 2017 - Intelligent Transport Systems – From research and development to the market uptake
29 November 2017 / Hyvinkää, Finland
Study of Performance of the Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Dense Network Scenarios / / Tibor Petrov, Viktor Ďurček, Milan Dado, Karl Ernst Ambrosch

INTSYS 2017 - Intelligent Transport Systems – From research and development to the market uptake
29 November 2017 / Hyvinkää, Finland
From Travel Time and Cost Savings to Value of Mobility / / Giuseppe Lugano

Innovations for Better Life – Smart Cities & Internet of Things (in SK)
27 November 2017 / Bratislava, Slovakia
Inteligentným mestám patrí budúcnosť
Panel 3: Experience (panel discussion) / / Ghadir Pourhashem

RelStat 2017 - The 17th International Multi-Conference "Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication"
18-20 October 2017 / Riga, Latvia

Opening symposium of China-Central European Alliance of  Universities for Innovations, Science and Technology. Bratislava, 18 October 2017 / Mobility and Time Value (MoTiV): a Slovak Initiative to Advance the State-of-the-Art on Value of Travel Time Research / / Giuseppe Lugano.

From Travel Time and Cost Savings to Value of Mobility / / Ghadir Pourhashem

French-Slovak Bilateral Forum Ville Intelligentné Mesto
24 October 2017 / Bratislava, Slovakia
Interview (in FR) on Radio Slovaquie Internationale (starting from 20')
Nové technológie prispievajú k rozvoju dopravnej infraštruktúry
/ / Tatiana Kováčiková

ECTRI meeting
5 October 2017 / Brussels, Belgium
MoTiV project / / Tatiana Kováčiková

SOR '17 - The 14th International Symposium on Operations Research in Slovenia
27-29 September 2017 / Bled, Slovenia
The Design of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and its Properties (presentation)
The Design of Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and its Properties (paper)
/ / Ľuboš Buzna

OR2017 - International Conference on Operations Research
6-8 September 2017 / Berlin, Germany
Location-Scheduling Model to Design Charging Infrastructure for a Fleet of Electric Vehicles / / Ľuboš Buzna

4th SUPF - Smart Urban Policy Futures Workshop
13-14 July 2017 / London, UK
Motivation tools for green mobility campaigns / / Martin Hudák

Conference on Statistical Data Science
3-5 July 2017 / London, UK
Critical behavior in charging of electric vehicles / / Ľuboš Buzna

WIRE 2017 Conference
28-30 June 2017 / Košice, Slovakia
The ERAdiate project / / Milan Dado

Meeting of the COST Action TU1305 “Social Networks and Travel Behaviour”
29-30 June 2017 / Krakow, Poland
Mobility and Time Value (MoTiV) / / Giuseppe Lugano

EURAXESS event - Reception and integration of foreign researchers in Slovak universities and research organisations (panel discussion) / / Ghadir Pourhashem
1 June 2017 / Piešťany, Slovakia

ITST 2017 – 15th edition of International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Telecommunications
29-31 May 2017 / Warsaw, Poland
Virtual Assistants and Self-Driving Cars: To what extent is Artificial Intelligence needed in Next-Generation Autonomous Vehicles?
/ / Giuseppe Lugano

Smart City Symposium Prague 2017
25 May 2017 / Prague, Czech Republic
Travel Time, Resource Reachability and Quality of Living in Urban Contexts: a case study from Slovakia / / Giuseppe Lugano

Info day ERA Chair and Twinning
24 May 2017 / Bratislava, Slovakia
ERAdiate - ERA Chair on Intelligent Transport Systems (in SK) / / Tatiana Kováčiková
ERAdiate od myšlienky po súčasnosť  (in SK) / / Ladislav Janoušek

SENSIBLE kick off meeting
5 April 2017 / Žilina, Slovakia
Perception of the World, Sensors for Mobility / / Karl Ambrosch

Workshop “Smart Robots and Industry 4.0. Concerns and Perspectives between Law and Computer Science''
3 April 2017 / Pordenone, Italy
When Social Robots meet Self-Driving Cars / / Giuseppe Lugano

3rd European Congress of Local Governments / / Karl Ambrosch
27-28 March 2017 / Krakow, Poland

UNIZA International Week, Erasmus+ day
16 March 2017 / Žilina, Slovakia
How does Erasmus mobility impact personal growth, professional career and employability? / / Giuseppe Lugano

13th Forum on Rail Transport
14-15 March 2017 / Bratislava, Slovakia
Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking - Objectives, Opportunities and Activities (presentation is Slovak)
Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking - Objectives, Opportunities and Activities (paper in English)
/ / Tatiana Kováčiková

ICORES 2017, 6th International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems
23-25 February 2017 / Porto, Portugal
Methodology for designing charging infrastructure for a fleet of electric vehicles operating in large urban areas / / Michal Koháni, Peter Czimmermann, Michal Váňa, Matej Cebecauer, Ľuboš Buzna
Conference proceedings

Workshop of the COST Action TD1403 “Big Data Era in Sky and Earth Observation” on “Big Data processing and management concepts for new platforms“
23-24 February 2017 / Sopron, Hungary
Fostering Interdisciplinary Research and Innovation on Intelligent Transport Systems at the University of Žilina / / Giuseppe Lugano

5th IRE Expert Conference “Master Mobility Plan for Green Cities”
10 November 2016 / Ljubljana, Slovenia
Interview on Radio Slovenia (starting from 4'10) / / Karl Ambrosch
Development of a KPI-based Model for (Urban) Mobility / / Karl Ambrosch
Outlook on Regional Mobility - an investment for regions and cities / / Dietrich Leihs

ESS Big Data Workshop 2016
13 October 2016 / Ljubljana, Slovenia
Using big data to relieve energy distribution stresses / / Ľuboš Buzna, presentation given by T. Efthimiadis from EC JRC Petten

ERA Chairs and mobility schemes in H2020 “Drivers, barriers & lessons learnt”
12 October 2016 / Brussels, Belgium
ERA Chair on Intelligent Transport Systems (presentation)
ERA Chair on Intelligent Transport Systems (video)
/ / Karl Ambrosch

11th ITS European Congress
6-9 June 2016 / Glasgow, UK
A novel way of ad-hoc travel time measurement / / Dietrich Leihs (with Tatiana Kováčiková and Mario Lange)

ICETA Conference
26 November 2015 / High Tatras, Slovakia
Intelligent Transport Systems - More than ICT in Mobility? / / Karl Ambrosch

eCall Workshop
11 November 2015 / Ostrava, Czech Republic
ITS Deployment in Slovakia / / Tatiana Kováčiková

EUROCITIES Mobility Forum Tallinn, Working Group on Transport and Energy Efficiency
20 October 2015 / Tallinn, Estonia
Success Factors of Urban Zone Management / / Dietrich Leihs

ITS World Congress, Special Interest Session 69
9 October 2015 / Bordeaux, France
Combining ITS and transport models - a promising win-win for urban traffic management / / Karl Ambrosch

2nd Symposium on Innovation, Cooperation in Technology and International Transfer of Technology China + 16 CEEC format
21-23 September 2015 / Bratislava, Slovakia
Intelligent Transport Systems & Challenges for the 21st Century / / Karl Ambrosch

ITS Workshop
23 June 2015 / Žilina, Slovakia
Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Cities / / Karl Ambrosch

EU/Ministerial Workshop for the Preparation of the Slovak EU-Presidency in 2016
13 June 2015 / Bratislava, Slovakia
ERA Chair for Intelligent Transport Systems / / Karl Ambrosch

IRR 2015 Conference on Regional Innovation
19 May 2015 / Žilina, Slovakia
The ERAdiate Project / / Karl Ambrosch

IRE Expert Conference: Green Mobility – Sustainable and Interconnected Cities in Europe
19-20 March 2015 / Trieste, Italy
Future Mobility in Smart Cities - A User Centered Approach / / Karl Ambrosch