REBALANCE Project – Unconventional and multidisciplinary: creating a Europe-wide conversation around mobility

Philosophers, experts and stakeholders depart from past practices to envision a value-based framework that will guide transport policy decision making. Environmental and human needs coupled with rapid advances in technology have set the stage for a new age of transport and mobility across Europe. To guide the steps of all stakeholders, including legislators, industrial players... Continue reading

Automotive Week 2023

Tatiana Kovacikova, Head of International Research Project at ERAdiate+ at UNIZA, will focus her lecture on the ” ” ” ” at the Automotive Week 2023 on Monday 17th of April 2023 in Helmond, Holland More information

Ride2Rail Final Event

In the last 3 years and half the 17 partners of RIDE2RAIL project worked hard for contributing to the development of an innovative framework for intelligent mobility, facilitating the efficient combination of ride-sharing and scheduled transport services, especially in rural and low-demand areas. RIDE2RAIL solutions, including an advanced Travel Companion and the crowd-based Transport Service... Continue reading