The ERAdiate+ is expected to have the following impacts:

Impacts on Research and Innovation

  • unlock and stimulate UNIZA’s research potential in the research areas of UNIZA long terms strategy;
  • increase awareness about UNIZA’s research activities in the European Research Area;
  • more effective management of research and innovation at UNIZA;
  • enhanced international competitiveness of UNIZA by means of transnational co-operation;
  • increased participation of UNIZA in European research and development programmes;
  • more intensive national and international cooperation with stakeholders, especially innovative business partners, research institutions and professional associations.

Areas of Transport Research and Interventions

  • CCAM digital infrastructure and connectivity, modelling and simulation  
  • Electromobility and alternative fuel-powered vehicles 
  • Emerging and shared mobility services for passengers in urban and rural areas 
  • Active mobility and micromobility (walking and cycling) and the 15-minute City 
  • Public transport, Integrated, door-to-door journey planning and Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) 
  • Inclusive, sustainable and resilient cities