Dr. Karl Ernst Ambrosch ambrosch

Until 1 October 2017, Dr. Ambrosch was acting as the ERA Chair Holder for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) at the University of Žilina, Slovak Republic.

The professional life of Dr. Ambrosch includes work for several universities as well as in industry and SMEs. During the last decades his main interest was to convert knowledge into commercially used systems and products.

He was leading the largest non-university research company for energy and mobility in Austria, arsenal research, from 2008 to 2012. He restructured the company, organised national and international research projects, and finally merged it into the mother company AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology. During these four years arsenal research grew steadily (despite the crisis) from about 150 to more than 260 employees, mainly researchers, and improved its economic performance significantly.

Since 2001 Dr. Ambrosch is working in international standardisation of Intelligent Transport Systems and since 2011 he is the convenor of the Austrian standardisation committee for ITS, mirroring CEN TC278 and ISO TC204.

Ambrosch: “It is of utmost importance to deal with the great challenges for our future. We will have to satisfy the personal and economical need for mobility in a world that has to reduce energy consumption and decarbonise all its processes. So using SMART technologies/systems will be one of the elements for surviving with good quality of life. This will be based on technology- and ICT-based approaches taking into account also the aspirations of the citizens in terms of affordability, privacy, reliability, safety, and usability (intentionally grouped alphabetically! – people might rank them differently).”