The Project Board has an advisory and supervisory function. Its role is to oversee the fulfilment of the ERAdiate project goals with emphasis on the selection of the ERA Chair Holder and ERA Chair Team members, definition of research strategies, preparation of innovative project goals in R&D oriented mainly on H2020, preparation of strategy for sustainable growth and transfer of best practices and ERA priorities within the university environment.

The Project Board members actively participate in the creation of policy strategic documents, especially for SMART regional strategy definition, negotiations with representatives of the Zilina region and national representatives and cross-border regional political coalitions. The Project Board plays an important part in the project propagation and dissemination.

The Project Board consists of UNIZA decision makers and the ERA Chair Holder.

Members of the Project Board are:
• Karol Matiaško, vice‐rector for Information Systems – Chair;
• Tatiana Čorejová, rector of UNIZA;
• Ján Čelko, vice‐rector for Science and Research;
• Jozef Ristvej, vice-rector for International Relations & Marketing;
• Milan Sága, dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;
• Josef Vičan, dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering; doc.
• Emil Kršák, dean of the Faculty of Management Science & Informatics;
• Pavol Špánik, dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering;
• Anna Križanová, dean of the Faculty of Operation and Economics of Transport and Communications;
• Zdeněk Dvořák, dean of Faculty of Security Engineering;
• Peter Fabián, director of CETRA;
• Michal Zábovský, director of the University Science Park;
• Tatiana Kováčiková, ERA Chair Holder.