After a decade of technological basic research, fact-finding and feasibility studies, C-ITS (co-operative ITS) is picking up speed. The U.S. Department of Transportation as well as the European Commission are about to create legal frameworks that pave the way to co-operated driving or even autonomous driving. Industry is investing into R&I more than ever within this field. Yet, key techniques are still unsolved, such as air link capabilities, standardisation or deployment scenarios.

Sub-topics are:

  • eCall (implementation in the Slovak Republic)
  • Communication
    • Ad-hoc networks
    • Efficient communication
    • Security & trust
    • Long Term Evolution (LTE) implementation
  • Applications (mainly safety related)
  • Standardisation – CEN & ETSI
  • Localisation
    • Relative positioning
    • Trajectorial analysis
  • Local Dynamic Maps (LDM)
    • Static map & dynamic information