The project has been supported by UNIZA Grant system under call Nr. 1/2020

Investigator: Dr. Tibor Petrov

Project description and outcomes

Within the project a complex simulation study to compare key Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies for data collection from connected vehicles (CVs) in the context of urban mobility in the city of Zilina has been conducted.

The tangible project outcomes incldue open, federated telco-traffic simulation model consisting of a traffic model of part of Zilina’s road infrastructure and a detailed communication model of CVs, backbone network and a roadside unit (RSU). The simulation model can be used to simulate V2I communication for data collection purposes. With small modifications, the model can be applied also for other cities in Slovakia or abroad.

The simulation model can be downloaded here.

The results obtained from the simulation study have been published in the following article:

Petrov T, Sevcik L, Pocta P, Dado M. A Performance Benchmark for Dedicated Short-Range Communications and LTE-Based Cellular-V2X in the Context of Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication and Urban Scenarios. Sensors. 2021; 21(15):5095.

Contact information

For any queries regarding the project or the simulation model, please contact Dr. Tibor Petrov directly.