Yannick Cornet joined the ERAdiate team in February 2018 as a Senior Researcher of Intelligent Transport Systems. In the context of the H2020 project on Mobility and Time Value (MoTiV) implemented by the ERAdiate team, he is currently researching smartphone-based, multi-modal diaries for collecting experiential data on travel time, with a focus on providing more visibility to the diversity of needs and preferences from the travellers’ perspective in door-to-door journeys.

In the last 8 years, Yannick has gained extensive knowledge of mobility systems. His research expertise and interests all fall under the umbrella of “sustainable transport appraisal and transition”. His PhD has focused on sustainable transport indicators, and more particularly on innovative decision-support tools that allow consideration for the more complex and less tangible aspects of sustainability in transport, such as equity and long-term environmental impacts. His research methods bridge quantitative with qualitative approaches. For example, he conducted interviews structured around an online questionnaire to elicit expert judgments on the performance of large-scale transport options in the UK. His research cases cover a broad range of transport topics, ranging from the local scale (cycling) to the national scale (high-speed rail), and more recently on socio-technical enablers and barriers for real-time car-pooling and transport infrastructure retrofitting.

Yannick has produced reports and presented results to a number of institutional, academic and public audiences. He has co-authored the long-term perspectives for urban mobility in Europe in the Transport 2050 Strategic Outlook as part of the TRANSFORuM project which aimed to contribute to the 2011 European White Paper goals on transport. As a sustainable transport researcher, he also gained valuable experience in engaging with different types of transport stakeholders, including senior staff in planning agencies, CEOs in industry, and civil society.

Yannick holds his PhD from the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Transport (2016), part of which was spent as a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford, Transport Studies Unit. He holds a master’s degree in Technological and Socio-Economic planning from Roskilde University, Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Denmark (2013), and a Bachelor in Software Engineering from Sherbrooke University, Canada (1997). He is also a project manager with 10 years of experience in the information and telecommunications industry.