Lenka is joined to ERAdiate+ team from November 2020. She provides administrative and financial support to the European projects in programs H2020, Interreg Europe and Interreg Danube. She is supporting by preparation of meetings, workshops/conferences, research events and other events.

Before starting work at the university, Lenka worked in nongovernment’s organization aimed for environment, climate change and use of renewable energy sources (RES) more than 14 years. She has provided administrative and financial support of European fund projects (investment, non-investment, dissemination) in the scope of environment. The works was focused on preparation and implementation of the environmental projects of the program LIFE and LIFE+ and projects in various funds of the EU, preparation and implementation of the information and dissemination projects, organization of the seminars, workshops, conferences and other events, presentation of the use of RES, climate changes and environment at the primary schools, high schools and universities.

Last two years she supported administrative and financial EU projects related to medical and life-sciences research and innovation in nongovernment organization.