Jana joined the ERAdiate team as a full time member in November 2018 to support the team in the administration and project management matters.

She got the education at the University of Zilina in the study programme Teaching English Language and Citizenship Education from which she holds the Bachelor´s (2010) and Master´s degree (2014). Her second Master´s degree was completed at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava in the field of English linguistics in 2012.

During her studies, in 2013 and 2014, Jana took part in the Erasmus exchange programme as a student at the KPH in Krems, Austria, where she afterwards carried out an internship in the position of International Office Assistant. As a graduate, she used the newly transformed Erasmus+ Programme to complete another three month traineeship at the KPH.

With her experience from the international environment, she started in 2015 working for the non-governmental organization SAIA, n.o. in Bratislava, which through various programmes and activities supports the internationalization of the education and research in Slovakia. Here she was responsible for administrating scholarships based on intergovernmental bilateral agreements to selected countries but mostly for coordinating the scholarship programme CEEPUS at the national level. This position in SAIA enabled her to help students gain international experience, and teachers and researches develop their international cooperation, as well as promote the higher education in Slovakia, as she took part in various seminars, educational fairs and conferences, both at home and abroad.

In 2014, Jana also shortly worked at the Rector´s office of the University of Zilina helping with the documentation of the Erasmus mobilities at the institution, and in 2015, she also worked as a university teacher in the English Language Department of the Faculty of Humanities at UNIZA.