MSc. Aleksandar Karadimce is a research and teaching assistant at the University of Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” – Ohrid, Macedonia. In the framework of COST Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM), he is visiting the University Science Park (ERAdiate) from 12/3/2018 to 10/4/2018 within the context of the COST Action CA15212.

His research interests lie in the area of computer science and engineering, mobile network communications, cloud computing, mobile computing, quality of experience (QoE) in delivery of multimedia content. As a researcher, he is focused on multimedia content media services and towards expanding the quality of experience expertise into smart mobile domains, in particular, those related to mobile cloud services.

He has received two grants:
• QoE-NET Summer Research School at Plymouth University in Plymouth, England, under EU-H2020 QoE-NET, H2020-MSCA- ITN-2014, in 2016.
• ITC Conference Grant COST-ITCCG-CA15212-108 for the research paper “Bayesian Network Model for Estimating User Satisfaction of Multimedia Cloud Services” at 15th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing Multimedia (MoMM2017), Salzburg, Austria, on 4-6 December 2017.

The main research contribution is the introduction of a metrics for assessing the user satisfaction of the particular type of offered cloud-based service. This research led to the development of QoE indicators that could be used to evaluate the quality of efficient cloud computing-based services by looking at user influencing factors such as the degree of interactivity, the complexity of the service, the domain of application, such as and multimedia intensity that most affect user perception.

His research is strongly related to the general objective of the COST Action CA15212 WG 5 “Improve data standardization and inter-operability“, in a sense that will identify the main mechanisms for standardization, inter-operability, and quality control.
The established collaboration network will further provide insight towards application, expansion, and development of the user perception model in intelligent transport systems when assessing the citizens travel experience.

Aleksandar’s topic and objectives of his STSM are described in the presentation “Modelling the quality of user perceived experience” delivered to ERAdiate researchers and the UNIZA Faculty of Electrical Engineering. This faculty was represented by Dr. Peter Počta, who is actively involved in the standardization on Quality of Experience and Internet of Services through other COST Actions (QUALINETACROSS and AAPELE). Additionally, during the research visit, Aleksandar has contributed to the ongoing H2020 MoTiV project, providing valuable suggestions and defining research hypothesis for the refinement of MoTiV conceptual framework. Furthermore, he has given input on the data collection of mobility and behavioural experience that will be used for the MoTiV mobile application requirements specification.