MSc Christina Georgouli joined the ERAdiate+ team in November 2019 as a Sustainable Mobility Researcher. In the context of the Horizon 2020 project on Mobility and Time Value (MoTiV), she focused on providing more visibility to the diversity of needs and preferences from the travellers’ perspective in door-to-door journeys and redefining the value of travel time accounting for motivational and behavioural factors. At the Interreg Europe e-smartec project, she participated in the definition and refinement of good practices regarding targeted marketing techniques’ successful deployments in sustainable mobility. During the implementation of the second round of the Urban Mobility Innovation Index (UMii) project, she was involved in the assessment of 40 cities around the world for their innovation ecosystem in urban mobility, conducting interviews with city key stakeholders and performing quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Christina has been involved in several projects on urban transport planning and sustainable development adopting energy demand reduction approaches. Her main research interests lie within the fields of sustainable mobility, indicator frameworks, travel behaviour, and energy demand reduction practices. She has extensive experience in assessing both small- and large-scale mobility projects with review, analysis, and interpretation of environmental, social and economic impacts. In 2013 she obtained her MEng in Urban Planning and Regional Development Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in 2015 she completed an MSc in Traffic Planning and Traffic Engineering at Technical University of Denmark.