The European Transport Innovation Challenge 2017, launched for the first by the European Commission last April, will reward young transport innovators for their creative solutions for goods and services that will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions in transport. The solutions can be a product, a service, the result of research or a research project, in any transport mode, and in many different sectors linked to transport, such as solutions in healthcare, retail or food sectors.

The purpose is to reward innovative approaches that help moving along the path of decarbonisation, cleaner and more efficient mobility, and sustainable growth.

Up to 12 young innovators, aged 18-35, will be offered a trip to attend the 12th ITS European Congress and Exhibition in Strasbourg (France) on June 19-22, having thus the opportunity to network with leaders in the world of intelligent transport systems. Before the Congress begins, winners will also receive personal coaching at a dedicated workshop with investors and EU policy makers.

Over 110 applications were submitted from across Europe, presenting innovative solutions for decarbonising EU transport all modes, passenger and freight, and looking at vehicles, services and Apps. Applicants are Masters and PhD students, NGOs, start-ups and larger SMEs.

The project submitted by Tibor Petrov, PhD student at UNIZA, has been selected as one of the 12 award winners.

Winning projects and other good proposals will soon be publicised here.