Since July 2018, two new members joined the ERAdiate team: Dr. Tibor Petrov and Mgr. Jana Velecká. The team warmly welcome their new support for the ERAdiate project as well as the MoTiV project.

Tibor joined the ERAdiate team full-time in September as a Researcher in Intelligent Transport Systems. His expertise and research activities focus on vehicular and cellular networks, vehicular network applications and computer modelling of cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems. Already before joining the team full-time, since 2016, he had been collaborating closely with the ERAdiate team in communication standards and applications for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks.

Jana started her collaboration with the ERAdiate team part-time in October and joined the team as a full-time member in November. In her position she contributes to the project by supporting research activities, assisting in the preparation of project proposals, and promoting the project through dissemination activities. A great part of her work also covers the MoTiV project implementation where she supports the team in the administration and project management matters.