Mr. Pietro Faes Belgrado, MSc student at the Politechnic University of Milan (Polimi), did an internship with the ERAdiate team between September and November 2017, with the purpose to complete his MSc thesis “Electric Mobility in the Energy Framework: Evaluating the predictability of the future energy consumption”. During this time, he also provided very valuable support for ERAdiate activities.

The idea for the thesis was developed during his previous stay at the University of Žilina within the framework of the exchange programme ERASMUS+. In his thesis, Mr. Belgrado analyses large dataset collected in the network of Electric Vehicles (EV) charging, while giving focus on the energy consumption. He applied statistical learning methods (logistic regression, sparse logistic regression, linear discriminant analysis, k-neareast neigbour) to evaluate one day ahead predictability of energy consumption. According to his findings, these methods are able to predict the decrease or increase in the consumption with the average test error rate that varries from 0,19-0,35.
These results suggest that data analysis has a potential to provide assessment of the future consumption that could be used for more efficient management of energy distribution within future energy networks.

The thesis was jointly supervised by Prof. Federica Foiadelli (Polimi) and Assoc. Prof. Ľubos Buzna (University of Žilina – ERAdiate) and successfully defended on December 21, 2017 at the Politechnic of Milan, with the highest mark (7 out of 7).

We congratulate Mr. Belgrado for this result and wish him all the best for his future professional career.